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Hotel Information

Hotel information and booking form now available.

Delegate Registration

Avail of our online rates before the Congress starts.


Exhibition information and schedule now available.

Book your booth via the WSPOS ERC. For full information visit the Barcelona Exhibition Information section

Barcelona 2015 Free Papers

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Friday 04 September 2015

08:00-09:00Free Paper Session A: AmblyopiaRoom: Room 20
08:00-09:00Free Paper Session B: CataractRoom: Room 17
08:00-09:00Free Paper Session C: Low VisionRoom: Room 18
08:00-09:00Free Paper Session D: StrabismusRoom: Room 19
09:56-10:02NystagmusRoom: Room 20
15:45-17:00Free Paper Session E: StrabismusRoom: Room 20.
15:45-17:00Free Paper Session F: Anterior SegmentRoom: Room 17
15:45-17:00Free Paper Session G: OphthalmogeneticsRoom: Room 19
17:48-17:54Controversies: Superior Oblique PalsyRoom: Room 18

Saturday 05 September 2015

16:30-17:15Free Paper Session H: Surgical TechniquesRoom: Room 19

Sunday 06 September 2015

08:00-09:30Free Paper Session I: MiscellaneousRoom: Room 20
09:36-09:42Imaging in Paediatric OphthalmologyRoom: Room 18
10:35-10:41Nystagmus SurgeryRoom: Room 20
10:40-10:45Strabismus in MyopiaRoom: Room 18.
15:15-16:45Free Paper Session J: MiscellaneousRoom: Room 17
16:35-16:40Retina SurgicalRoom: Room 18

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