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Barcelona 2015 Free Papers

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15:45 K. Arcot Sadagopan ChinaA new clinical sign “The freckle sign”, a possible clinical marker for the diagnosis of Hermansky Pudlak syndrome in Indian patients with oculocutaneous albinism
15:51 B. Käsmann-Kellner GermanyAniridia or PAX6 syndrome: clinical findings, problematic courses especially concerning aniridic glaucoma and suggestions for refining the care (“aniridia guide”)
15:57 L. Wulandari IndonesiaRho Kinase inhibitor Y-27632 decrease expression of caspase-3 retinal ganglion cells in rat model glaucoma induced with sodium hyaluronate
16:03 K. Arcot Sadagopan ChinaThe clinical phenotypic spectrum of paediatric Cohen syndrome (CS) in Indian Patients as compared to Finnish and other non-Finnish ethnic cohorts
16:09 S. Zhang ChinaA novel FGFR2 genetic mutation associated with Crouzon syndrome in a Chinese family
16:15 J. Matalia IndiaA novel idea of identification of regulatory pathways in paediatric cataract: a pilot study
16:21 G. Bacci ItalyEarly onset X-linked retinoschisis in monozygotic twins: a multimodal diagnostic approach
16:27 A. Pakhomova UkraineAnterior segment ultrasound changes in patients with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome
16:33 A. Medsinge USAVertical nystagmus in two siblings with autosomal recessive congenital stationary night blindness: a rare presentation with novel mutations
16:39 M. Ortube USAThree atypical phenotype-genotype associations in paediatric cases
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