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Barcelona 2015 Video Competition

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P. Agashe India`Bump Sign' in re-operations for squint
Y. Blasco SpainSurgical treatment of diplopia in Grave's ophthalmopathy (GO)
R. Caputo ItalyA lost medial rectus
E. Cerman TurkeyMini-telescopic eyeglasses suppress nystagmus
A. El-Khayat United KingdomThree dimensional (3D) computer model of the globe and animations of ocular movements: an educational tool
M. Haque Kallol BangladeshSignificant improvement of the face turns with modified kestenbaum table for a Bangladeshi torticollis
A. Hom-Choudhury United KingdomThe child with the bouncing eye: a red herring?
V. Kothamasu IndiaImproved accuracy in strabismus evaluation using contact lenses
L. Mohan IndiaI am out of the embarassment!
N. Pehere IndiaVoluntary nystagmus: yes its possible
L. Remon SpainSurgical procedure for extreme downshoot in a patient with type 2 Duane's retraction syndrome
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