areas of Research collaboration (aRc) are networks of like minded individuals who are willing and able to develop research in areas of particuar interest in paediatric ophthalmology, strabismus and visual sciences.

Initially funding may not be available but if a study develops appropriately funding may be sought. aRc’s work with a coordinating center linked to and reciprocally dependent on multiple global centres, creating a perpetual research motion.

The coordinating centre is responsible for setting up the initial research protocol and gaining local IRB. This protocol can be shared with all centres involved; each centre must gain local IRB approval or equivalent. Each centre must have a lead investigator and a contact person (separate from the lead investigator and a non- physician).

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Complete aRc’s Reports

Providing Basic Genetic Education to Paramedical/Health Professionals at Selected Indian Ophthalmic Centers

Established aRc’s

Providing genetic education to Indian ophthalmic centres

Lead investigators: Holly Babcock, Hannah Scanga, Jacqueline Hoover

Supervising Investigators – India:
G. Kumaramanickavel (Kumar), Ramesh Kekunnaya, Vinay Patel,
Sushmita Kaushik, Karthikeyan Kumar, Suma Ganesh
Supervising Investigators – International:
Ken K Nischal, Eduardo Silva
Dr. Suneeta Madan, Betsy Gettig


Teaching Strategies for Strabismus

Lead person: John Ferris


Incidence and Etiology of Neonatal Corneal Opacities
by Region and Globally

Lead person: Ken Nischal


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Grant for Research, Education and Training (GREaT) is an initiative developed by WSPOS – the World Society of Paediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus.

There are 1.4 million children blind in the world. While attention has been often focused on public health measures and the delivery of care, attention to teaching,training and research for and by LOCAL doctors has been neglected until relatively recently.

The aims of GREaT are:

1) to provide funds for individuals to attend educational meetings ANYWHERE in the world who otherwise would not be able to participate
2) to contribute to  funds for appropriate eye healthcare professionals to attend centres of excellence ANYWHERE in the world for 2 month observational education
3) where possible, to provide funds for 6-12 months fellowships at centres of excellence ANYWHERE in the world.
4) to contribute to the funding of aRc’s

What can you do?

Contributions can be made for generic education for attendance at meetings or generic training for attendance as observers or fellowships. However contributions can also be made for development and training of specific global regions.
If there are specific aRc’s available then these can be specifically supported also.



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