Global Consult Bureau

Global Consult Bureau

WSPOS has started a program to encourage Pediatric Ophthalmologists from around the world to start writing or sharing their cases and experiences with the international community. We have a unique initiative in our Bi-monthly newsletters; our Global Case Report Quiz. We present a Survey-Based quiz to our members, requesting them to answer the question(s) asked by selecting one of the options provided at the end of the presentation. Additionally a discussion for the same is initiated on Facebook. The case presentation is then sent to 4 or 5 established / renowned ophthalmologists, asking them for their Expert Opinion. The compiled Members’ Responses as well as the Experts’ Opinions received for each case are included in the Next WSPOS Newsletter. Each of these cases are also stored on the education part of the website. We will be archiving the Experts’ Opinions for each case & are even contemplating publishing a compilation of our Global Case Report Quiz Cases at the end of each year.

We have a Global pool of experts, the Global Consult Bureau. We have 48 members on the Global Consult Bureau, with an equal representation from Paediatric as well as Adult Ophthalmologists (24 each). We have Strabismus & Non-Strabismus Consultants as well as Orthoptists on our Global Consult Bureau. It will be instructive to see different viewpoints from around the world.

Dr. Kimberley Tan from Australia is the Chair of our Global Consult Bureau. We have two Section heads; Dr. Fernando Prieto-Diaz from Argentina is our Strabismus Section head and Dr. Paolo Nucci from Italy is our Non-strabismus Section head. We also have a few Strabismus & Non-strabismus Consultant Leaders, who under guidance from the Sections heads & Chair, will help decide which of the Global Consult Bureau members to send each case to.

We are in the process of forming the Global Consult Bureau currently. More information will be available shortly.

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