Population: 5,851,000 (around 2,000,000 immigrants from Syria , Palestine and Iraq)
Live births per year: 63,800
Percentage population under 15 years : 21%
Percentage population above 65 years : 9.9 %
Ophthalmologists : Around 330 ophthalmologists practicing in the country
Paediatric ophthalmologists and strabismologists : 15 in Lebanon with around 80% found in the capital Beirut. Most of them are attached to university hospitals in addition to private practice.

Health care systemIn Lebanon two types of health care systems are present : private and public. The public system includes many third parties related to the government. There are many government hospitals spread nationwide with one tertiary university hospital (Rafic Hariri University Hospital) in the capital Beirut with a capacity of 400 beds. 6 university hospitals have residency program in ophthalmology but yet no structured fellowship program in the field of Paediatric ophthalmology and adult strabismus.

Consultation: ranging from 40 to 150 US dollars for a visit to see a Paediatric ophthalmologist
Strabismus surgery ranges from 200$ dollars in public set-ups to 1800$ and more in private set-ups.

Major successes :
Lebanon is a tertiary referral centre for many countries around in the region like Syria, Iraq and the gulf countries.
Tertiary referral Centre for retinoblastoma.
Awareness of screening in Paediatric population.

Major challenges :
Very few orthoptists (only 4) found all over Lebanon, working in private sector.
No structured coordinated screening program for Pediatric population.

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