Population : 1.3 billion  (2010)
Percentage of population under 14 years old : 16.6% under age of 14 years old
Ethnicity: Han nationality (91.5%) and other 55 minority nationalities.
Language: Official language: Chinese
Life expectancy at birth: 73 years (2010)

Healthcare system
Type: Universal public healthcare system
Cost to patient to see a primary care doctor/ general practitioner : USD 30
Cost to patient of squint surgery under general anesthesia: USD 1000

Major challenges

  1. No Coordinated nationwide retinopathy of prematurity screening and treatment programme.
  2. No trained orthoptist in the whole country.
  3. No coordinated eye screening programme until 3 years old.
  4. The precaution and treatment of myopia has become a prominent issue for public health.

June 6, 2016 is the 21th National Eyes Caring Day in China with the theme of Protect Eyes since Childhood.

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