Note:  This programme is subject to change

Friday 8th September

Venue: Reed Messe, Vienna Austria

Paediatric Cataract | 08:00 – 09:00 | Room: Strauss 1

Moderators: Ramesh Kekunnaya, India

08.00  Ken Nischal, UK/USA
Capsule Management

08.08  Maria Concepcion Guirao Navarro, Spain
Glaucoma in Infantile Cataract

08.16  Vaishali Vasavada, India
Secondary IOLs

08.24  Oriel Spierer, Israel
Management of the Paediatric Subluxated Crystalline Lens

08.32  Marije Sminia, The Netherlands
Iris Lens

08.40  Das Nilutparna, India
The Integrated Continuum of Care: An Impact Study on Paediatric Cataract Profile in Blind Schools of Northeast India

08.45  Discussion

Amblyopia | 09:00 – 10:00 | Room: Strauss 1

Moderators: David Granet USA, Guy Barnett Itzhaki Israel

09.00  Kianti Darusman, Indonesia
Screening in Indonesia

09.08  Yair Morad, Israel
Lacteral Rectus Superior Plication for Divergence Insufficiency Esotropia

09.16  Johanna Liinamaa, Finland
Prevalence of Residual Amblyopia in adulthood

09.24  Kateryna Fedchuk, Ukraine
Management of Amblyopia in Premature babies

09.32  Lotte Welinder, Denmark
Visual Screening of Pre-term Children

9.40  Shilpa Rao India
Efficacy of Orthoptek Magnocellular Stimulator (OMS) as a new modality for amblyopia therapy

09.45  Discussion

Strabismus 101 | 10:45 – 11:45 | Room: Strauss 1

Moderators: Daniel Salchow Germany, Darius Hildebrand UK

10.45  Rita Gama, Portugal
Testing postoperative diplopia with botulinum toxin

10.53  Teodorescu Luminita, Romania
Strabismus in Thyroid Eye Disease Strabismus related to thyroid orbitopathy, our experience

11.01  Dina Mostovoy, Israel
Exotropia including Controversies in the Treatment of this Type of Strabismus.

11.09  Adrea Papp, Austria
Diagnostic Challenge and Surgical Management of a Complicated Strabismus Case

11.17  Wagih Aclimandos, UK
My approach to Acquired Esotropia

11.25  Heba Metwally, Egypt
Retro-equatorial Inferior Oblique Myopexy for Treatment of Inferior Oblique Overaction

11: 31  Discussion

Free Papers | 11.45 - 12.45 | Room: Strauss 1

Moderators: Manca Tekavčič Pompe Slovenia, Rahul Bhola USA

11.45 Torrefranca Aramis Jr, Philippines
Large bilateral medial rectus recession versus three-to-four horizontal muscle surgery for large-angle esodeviations

11.50  Neena R, India
Impact of online classes on eye health of children and young adults in the setting of covid-19 pandemic: a survey-based analysis.

11.55  Elena Franco, Italy
Congenital Corneal Opacities caused by Posterior Hyperplastic Primary Vitreous: a case series

Hakan Kaymak, Germany
Retinal Findings in a German Population of Highly Myopic Children

12.05  Shanel Sharma, Australia
Addressing UV Damage and Myopia Progression in Children

12.10 Elpida Kollia, UK 
Retreatment for reactivation of ROP following initial anti-VEGF injections. A 5-year retrospective study.

12.15  Dongsheng Yang, China
Resection for large recession on each operated recti in nystagmus surgery

12.20  Yanhua Wang, China
Characteristics of peripheral retinal refraction in different degrees of myopic children

12.25  Kavitha Kalaivani, India
To analyse the indications, visual outcome and parameters influencing the outcome of optical iridectomy in children

12:30  Discussion

Paediatric Ocular Surface & Keratoconus
13.45 - 14.45 | Room: Strauss 1

Moderators: Dominique Bremond-Gignac, France Annegret Dahlmann-Noor, UK

13.45 Meghal Gagrani, USA
Management of Keratoconus

13.53  Samer Hamada, UK
BKC in children

14.01  Lisbeth Veno Kruse, Denmark
Allergy Of The Eye – Not Only A One-Organ Disease

14.09  Maithri Arunkumar, India
A novel biomechanical model to diagnose pediatric keratoconus

14.14  Jyoti Matalia, India
Influence Of Corneal White-To-White (WtW) In Tomographical Interpretation: A Novel Discovery

14.19  Rasha Mousa, Egypt
Video Magic of stem cell grafting in chemical eye injury in a 3 years old child

14.23  Rasha Mousa, Egypt
Video Predescematic compression sutures combined with intrastromal puncture evacuation of edema & injection of gas in the anterior chamber as primary treatment of sever acute hydrops in paediatric age group

15:27  Discussion

Strabismus Surgical Techniques
14.45 - 15.45 | Room: Strauss 1

Moderators: Claudia Polo Argentina, Cumhur Sener Turkey

14.45  Luisa Hopker, Brazil
Botulinum toxin and surgical management of sixth nerve palsy

14.53  Ramesh Kekunnaya India
Management of head tilt due to Nystagmus

15.01  Claudia Polo Argentina
Transposition Variants without split or tenotomy

15.09  Orwa Nasser, Israel
Managing Nystagmus

15.17  Didem Dizdar Yigit, Turkey
The Effect of Vessel-Sparing Rectus Plication Surgery on Iris Vessel Density: A Comparative Optical Coherence Tomography Angiography (OCT-A) Analysis

15.22  Paulo Loureiro, Portugal
Botulinum Toxin (BT) as First- Line Treatment in Acquired Fourth Pair Paresis

15.27  Discussion

Eye Signs That Can Save Lives
16.05 - 17.05 | Room: Strauss 1

Moderators: Hannah Scanga USA, Ken Nischal UK/USA

16.05  Amgad Eldib, USA
Horner’s Syndrome: Apraclonidine Eye Drops Diagnostic Test

16.13  Brenda Bohnsack, USA
Life-threatening Findings Associated with Anterior Segment Dysgenesi

16.21  Christina Gerth-Kahlert, Switzerland
Leucocoria ..and what next?’

16.29  Hannah Scanga, USA
Ocular Signs with Systemic Implications

16.37  Jincy Mariya Paul, India
Developmental Cataract in Wolfram Syndrome – Clinical features and correlation with the phenotypic features of Wolfram syndrome.

16.42  Discussion