Prim. Neda Striber, MD

Executive Committee members:
Treasurer: Jelena Skunca Herman, MD
Secretary: Prim. Jelena Petrinovic – Doresic, MD, PhD, FEBO

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Upcoming Meeting:
XX Congress of the Croatian Ophthalmological and Optometric Society, Zagreb, 9-11 September 2021

Croatian Section for Paediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus (CSPOS)

The Section for Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus is an active part of our national professional association, the Croatian Ophthalmological Society (, which has been actively promoting this part of ophthalmology in our country.Today we have 148 members, including several professions; in a large majority ophthalmologists, but also nurses, visual rehabilitators and even few paediatricians. Our members are mainly from Croatia, but some of our members come from neighboring countries like Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, as such professional organisation do not exist there.

We organize regular meetings and courses with the intention of exchanging knowledge and experiences in Croatia. Our members also actively participate in the annual meetings of the national ophthalmological society, as well as international congresses and meetings, where they present new achievements and progress in our profession.

Other activities of our Section include promotion of research and development in our field of ophthalmology, improvement of under and postgraduate teaching through co-operation with medical schools, public health promotion and improvement through activities aimed on highly preventable causes of vision loss in children, such as amblyopia or retinopathy of prematurity and communication and cooperation with other medical professions with overlapping fields of work.